Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

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Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

Thin crust, deep dish, New York style, stuffed crust, Neapolitan. The pizza style list goes on and on and one thing’s for sure, all pizza is good pizza, but some is most definitely better than others. Even Chuck E. Cheese pizza and Little Caesars have a place in my heart. But wait… pizza can’t be healthy and delicious and nutritious, that would be too crazy. FALSE! This Sweet Potato Crust Pizza is revolutionizing the pizza game while providing the perfect healthy vector to carry any topping imaginable from point A to point B, aka your mouth.

Slice Slice Baby

I have been kinda skeptical of some alternative pizza crust recipes out there. Cauliflower crust is cool and a great idea, but many recipes require cheese for the whole thing to stay together. And the water content in cauliflower can make it tricky. I’m a lazy cook so I love looking at a recipe and being 96% sure it’s gonna work before I give it a try.

Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

When I found this 3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pizza Crust on PinchofYum.com, I knew that it would be the perfect base for my own creation. And honestly if I messed up a 3 ingredient crust I would just be sad. But I didn’t, and neither will you, and that’s why I’m telling you all about it! I now realize that I should have taken a photo of just the crust before I put my toppings on, but I got too excited for the assembly process and forgot. You get the point though, eh?

A Pizza my Heart

Fun fact: I used to eat oatmeal religiously every day for years. Oats were like a staple food group in my diet. But when I started cutting out most grains and feeling awesome, oats got the axe too. However, today they’re making a comeback because everything is fine in moderation and oats have some awesome health benefits! Compared to other grains, oats contain a higher amount of protein and fat, that magical combination that keeps us feeling satisfied (1). Some studies even suggest that the mighty oat can lower blood pressure and protect from coronary artery disease (2). Oats for president!

I’m sure you guys are already aware of my sweet potato obsession so I won’t even get started on that love affair.

Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

Pizza Party

I flavored my crust with fresh rosemary and garlic powder, and topped my pie with tomato sauce, sautéed Spanish onions, spinach, and toasted sunflower seeds. I had all these ingredients lying around the house but seriously anything goes! I would even be curious to see what a sweet version of this recipe looks like!

Recipe Notes

  • You do need a food processor for this recipe but even a small one will do. I made mine with my POS little one it it came out just fine. A better one is on my amazon wish list tho if anyone wants to help me upgrade… kidding… kinda. Haha.
  • I cheated and used store bought tomato sauce– but dat’s okay!
  • I recommend eating the pie right away while it’s still hot and crispy, but if you save it for later just pop it back in the oven for 5 minutes or so to crisp up the crust again.

Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

Get creative with toppings!

Use that beautiful imagination of yours and come up with whatever combination you like. Meats, cheeses, nuts, veggies, fruits. Whateva!


XO, Sarah


(1): https://authoritynutrition.com/9-benefits-oats-oatmeal/
(2): http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/270680.php

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